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Legacy (Legacy #1) by Ellery A. Kane (BalboaPress, 2014, 254pp.)

In 2041, our world has been laid bare by desolation and war. Cities lay in ruins. The United States is a military state, with armed government thugs (called Guardians) patrolling every sidewalk, and government-sponsored companies like Zenigenic churning out mood-altering pills. In the middle of this there is Lex Knightley, a young woman whose mother invented the anti-fear drug, Emovere. Although her mother was once a high-ranking forensic psychiatrist at Zenigenic, Dr. Knightley has since resigned from the company  after she discovered Emovere has devastating side-effects. Now a sympathizer for an anti-government group, Dr. Knightley sends daughter Lex to make contact with the so-called Resistance. Lex ends up spending a month at their headquarters, making friends and learning more about the past connection that she shares with a mysterious, troubled youth named Quin. While at first Lex thinks she's among friends, she…