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Guest Post: Cassie from Culture Coverage Suggests 5 Free E-Books for Teens

5 Free E-Books to Encourage Your Teenager’s Reading Habits I would like to thank Lizfor publishing this article. She provides detailed and thoughtful reviews that cover the gamut of genres from graphic novels to children’s books. If you want to support independent authors, check out her self-published and small press category. In today’s digital world, teenagers are more connected than ever before, thanks to the prevalence of smartphones and fast network connections. Besides networking with friends on social media networks, they’re also exploring and discovering new apps and technology that seem interesting or entertaining. With so much content and information available, sitting down and reading a physical book might seem like a hassle. Luckily, e-books provide a digital solution for your busy teenager. Plus, you can find hundreds of books for free! Of course, before joining free e-book sites or providing your teenager with an Amazon account, you’ll want to set up a Virtual Private Netw…