Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Interesting Idea, but Reads Like a Rough Draft

Book of the Hidden (Hidden Trilogy #1) by Annalynne Thorne (TEM Publishing, 2012, 120pp.)
Witch sisters Vivian and Jean are leaders of the Underground, a secret magical society and haven for supernatural creatures who seek asylum from the hatred of mankind. When a mean-spirited werewolf, Astrid, attacks teenager Seth and infects him with lyncanthropy, Vivian brings him into the safety of the Underground. “Turning” a human against their will is a crime in the Underground, so she has Astrid banished. 
In order to cure Seth, Vivian seeks the missing Book of the Hidden, a tome of magic that can reverse his transformation. She quickly finds it, but by this time, the two have fallen in love. Non-magical humans aren’t allowed to live in the Underground. Although Vivian knows that Seth will be better off with a normal life, Seth insists that he would rather stay afflicted than live on the surface world without her. Meanwhile, the bitter Astrid seeks revenge against the pair.
The concept of such a society as the Underground is an interesting idea that an author could do a lot with, as is the scenario of sacrificing personal happiness for a loved one. Unfortunately, the novel reads like a rough draft. While a lot can be accomplished in 120 pages, the whole tone of the story feels rushed. This prevents the reader from really getting to know the characters and the world they live in. In addition, there were numerous spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and run-on sentences. Most teen readers will probably not mind such nit-picky mistakes, and in fact enjoy the story regardless. For others, you may want to look elsewhere. Recommended for Ages 16-18.
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