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Justice League—the High School Edition

High School Heroes (High School Heroes #1) by James Mascia (L & L Dreamspell, 2010, 298pp.)

When Goth-chick Christine starts hearing voices while at school, she fears she may be loosing her mind—until she realizes that the “voices” are actually people’s thoughts. At first, she thinks she’s the only person at Thomas Jefferson High with special powers. Wrong! Turns out that Ethan, her hunky crush and captain of the football team, is the team’s star player for a reason: he has the power of super-speed. After revealing their powers to one another, the two quickly become fast friends. Meanwhile, they discover that two other students have powers: snarky mean girl Savanah (gifted with super strength) and skateboarding loser Peter (able to shoot lightning out of his hands). Then, Ethan has an idea: why not form a super league? (Christine’s initial reaction is less than enthusiastic.) And, as happens with the formations of all impromptu super leagues, the group eventually does come to logge…

Author Interview: James Mascia

Introducing the first-ever author interview I’ve conducted for my blog! Meet James Mascia, author of the High School Heroes series.

Q: Is High School Heroes your first novel?
A: It is my first traditionally published novel. I had self-published a couple of novels years ago that are no longer on the market. I can honestly say that High School Heroes was probably the first novel I took seriously. Before this I had pretty much wrote for fun and for myself and if I published the novel then great, if not, no big deal. While writing High School Heroes was absolutely fun, I also wrote it with the intention of getting it published. So, after I was done, I edited it extensively, then I hired an editor to find and fix the thing I missed. Only then did I start sending it out to publishers. 
Q: Tell us a little about how you came up with the idea for your book.
A: I was at a comic book convention and talking to someone about how there weren't really any prose novels about superheroes. So, I decid…