Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Secret of the Phoon

Secret of the Phoon (The Phoon #1) by Corinne Foster (Self-Published, 2013, 169pp.)

The Unloved have lived in the ancient walls of Domina for as long as anyone can remember. Domina is a haven for spirited girls who have found their families’ patriarchal views incompatible with their own. They are watched over by Avira, their solitary leader who controls a powerful, deadly force called the Phoon. It is forbidden to mention the Phoon to outsiders, and anyone who breaks this one rule will find themselves forever shunned—and for good reason. When the careless Shastia leaves Domina to start a new life as a tradesman’s wife, she brags about the power of the Phoon to one of her husband’s chauvinistic clients. Soon, word of this mysterious force reaches two warring factions, each who desire to harness the Phoon for their own nefarious purposes. While I feel that the characters could have been a little more well-developed, it’s still an interesting read full of intricate world-building detail. Recommended for Ages 16-Up.

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