Monday, August 31, 2015

A Riveting Sequel

Source: Author Website
Boil (Salem’s Revenge #2) by David Estes (Self-Published, 2014, 416pp.)

In this grisly sequel to Brew, witch-hunter Rhett Carter and his Glock-toting friend, Laney, head to a ruined Washington, D.C. after their show-down with the Reaper. As they become involved with President Washington, the former VP and only survivor of the Presidential cabinet, new truths come to light, allegiances become blurry, and neither Rhett nor Laney know who to trust. Another riveting story from an author who continues to impress with his seemingly endless creativity. Just a warning: the story’s gore, blood, and reappearance of Flora, the devious, man-eating shape-shifter, may make you want to take a shower after reading. Recommended for stout-of-heart readers, Ages 16-18.

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