Friday, May 25, 2012

A Great Horror Story

The Boo Hag (The Lenny Chronicles #1) by David Morgan (Self-Published, 2012, 328pp.)

Boo Hag (n): a creepy, skinless female demon from folklore that preys upon humans by stealing their skins and then masquerading as the now-deceased—at least until it’s time for a new wardrobe.

Is your skin crawling yet? Just be glad you’re not Lenny Petrakas. Lately, she’s been having problems with one of these pesky demons who just can’t seem to take a hint! Fortunately, she’s got a few loyal friends who are as determined as she is not to let that happen.

Reader, you will be glad to know that this isn’t your usual horror story. In your standard fare, the hapless heroine does all sorts of stupid things to advance the plot. You know, the kind of moments that will either make you cry, “Don’t go in there!” or “Ha, ha! You’re going to get it!”, depending on whether or not you actually care about the characters. In the case of Morgan’s leading lady, Lenny at least goes armed with her wits and a hockey stick.

The story’s pacing is fairly quick, and although the suspense is sometimes slackened by pointless scenes of Lenny’s friends swooning over their crushes (get back to the boo hag, already!) the novel ends on a cliffhanger that will guarantee your interest in any sequel. The Boo Hag will appeal to teens of any age who like scary stories, as well as fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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