Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Fresh and Engaging Read

Thrall (Daughters of Lilith #1) by Jennifer Quintenz (Secret Tree Press, 2012, 297pp.)

Braedyn Murphy wakes up one day to learn that she is far from an normal high school sophomore—she is, in fact, a demon. Odysseus called them sirens. Harry Potter calls them Veela. Braedyn’s brand of demon is called Lilitu. To the ordinary human eye, they are beautiful, irresistible women. But the Guard, a centuries-old organization dedicated to fighting these demons, knows better: the Lilitu are succubae that use their beauty as a tool to lure their prey and then drain them of their life-force. A kiss can be draining to a human; sex itself can be deadly.

Braedyn’s father, a member of the Guard, explains to her that although she is a demon, the Guard intends to use her as a force for good, a spy of sorts, to infiltrate the Lilitu and learn what they’re up to. When she meets Lucas, a fellow classmate at school and the only other teen member of the Guard, it’s love at first sight. But there’s only one problem: Lucas doesn’t know she’s a Lilitu, and harbors a particular grudge against her species for killing his brother. 

Thrall is a fresh and engaging read. Parents of readers worried by the mention of sex needn’t worry. Although sex is the ultimate “power-up” for the Lilitu, no sex actually appears in the book. Braedyn and Lucas have one or two kissing scenes, but that’s about all in turns of “mature” content. Recommended for fans of urban fantasy, and readers ages 16-18.

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