Thursday, August 1, 2013

Very Readable and Enjoyable, But Still Needs Work

Cuspian (Cuspian Saga #1) by DC Hall (Self-Published, 2013, 348pp.)
“The destiny of the world is laid out in the stars. Each man, woman, and child’s life. The struggles, successes, the major and minute details are written out in the skies of the heavens, concealed from mankind.”
A tale told by a pair of fraternal twins, Cuspian tells the story of Kennedi and Kendal Myles, two close-knit siblings who find their lives shattered when their mother is murdered. After their father, who abandoned the family years ago, arrives to take custody of them, strange things begin happening. Kennedi can suddenly hear other people's thoughts, while her brother, Kendal, is plagued by a force that threatens to cause serious injury those around him. Then they learn that they’re Cuspians, individuals born during the period of time when one astrological sign is receding, while another moves into prominence. As one character explains it, “[Cuspians] are born on the cusp between the stars with two destinies: one of unspeakable good or unimaginable evil. ... Cuspians have abilities to help them fulfill their true destinies.” 

Cuspian, the first in a series, is ultimately engaging, and ends with a tense, cliff-hanger ending. You know, the “Oh-my-God-when-is-the-next-book-coming-out?” kind. The mystery surrounding the origin of the twins’ powers is intriguing, and although the narrative voices aren’t really that distinct from each other, the author is still able to develop the twins into two distinct personalities. However, I certainly wouldn’t call this book a finished product, just yet. It could use a lot of trimming and tightening of certain elements. More specifically, pacing is inconsistent throughout the novel, and tends to lag in between big events and important revelations. Some events that occur are confusing, and the cliffhanger ending leaves some questions unanswered that may annoy some readers.

The verdict: very readable, but not the best it could be. The story is dark, and gets pretty bloody and graphic towards the end, so I’d recommend this for fans of dark fantasy only. Recommended for Ages 16-18.

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