Monday, December 8, 2014

The Apolline Sibyl

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The Apolline Sibyl (Apocalypse Signs #2) by Dave Becker (Self-Published, 2014, 310pp.)

When we last left Kalos Academy, Tony and his friends had just managed to stall the demonic Sinthos in his efforts to bring about the apocalypse. Now at the beginning of the gang's sophomore year (narrated by Tony's friend Jenna instead of Tony himself), things get even crazier. First, a wounded giantess staggers onto the marching band's practice field and collapses. While the school assures its students that the woman has been sent to the hospital for treatment, Jenna and friends discover that the mysterious female is actually still on campus, lying in a comatose state. Then, Sinthos again makes an appearance, this time demanding that the gang steals an ancient artifact from the school and hand it over to him. When they refuse, Sinthos makes his wrath known: red clouds of death hover over campus, lava bubbles up in the school swimming pool, and earthquakes rock the town's residential area. As the world falls to pieces around them, Tony, Jenna, and their friends resolve to fight Sinthos to the bitter end.

What I really like about this series is Kalos Academy itself. The author does a great job of describing what classes are offered, and what an average school day is like. I was also very impressed with how the author handles the mystery of the giantess. On the downside, however, the overall tone of the story seems a bit rushed, and while the pacing is consistent enough to keep short attention spans engaged, it also hinders possible character development. Overall, an interesting, action-packed plot, with under-developed characters. Recommended for Ages 14-16.

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