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Guest Post: Cassie from Culture Coverage Suggests 5 Free E-Books for Teens

5 Free E-Books to Encourage Your Teenager’s Reading Habits
I would like to thank Liz for publishing this article. She provides detailed and thoughtful reviews that cover the gamut of genres from graphic novels to children’s books. If you want to support independent authors, check out her self-published and small press category.
In today’s digital world, teenagers are more connected than ever before, thanks to the prevalence of smartphones and fast network connections. Besides networking with friends on social media networks, they’re also exploring and discovering new apps and technology that seem interesting or entertaining. With so much content and information available, sitting down and reading a physical book might seem like a hassle. Luckily, e-books provide a digital solution for your busy teenager. Plus, you can find hundreds of books for free!
Of course, before joining free e-book sites or providing your teenager with an Amazon account, you’ll want to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN). These services not only protect private information by hiding your IP, but they also provide improved security control by preventing certain types of files from being downloaded or uploaded. While not foolproof, it adds another layer of security.
If you’re looking for ways to encourage your teen’s reading habits, suggest these amazing YA books.
The Forgotten: The Lux Guardians, Book 1
Saruuh Kelsey
Source: Goodreads
After the death of their genius father, the Ravel twins find themselves thrust from Victorian London to a London in shambles after a solar disaster. They quickly learn their father’s invention caused the disaster and must find a way to prevent it from happening. The book combines dystopian elements with Steampunk for a unique perspective. The intrigue and action keep the plot advancing at a quick pace. There are multiple points of view, which can be confusing to follow at least in the beginning. Still, once they start reading, it won’t be long until they ask for the sequel.

Glimpse: The Zellie Wells Trilogy, Book 1
Source: Author Website
It seems fated that Zellie should fall in love with Avery. He’s the son of her mom’s high school sweetheart. When she learns the feelings are mutual everything seems perfect, until a jarring vision of his death shakes her to her core. She learns these visions are hereditary and will come true if the two stay together. Zellie has to decide whether to stay away from Avery to save his or life or risk everything and find out how to change the future. Although the teen dialogue comes off as a bit stereotypical, the characters themselves are developed, and the emotions ring true. If you're looking for a paranormal book for your teen with a strong heroine and no vampires, try out this book.

The Contamination Series, Books 0-3
Source: Author Website

This isn’t the R.L. Stine books you might have enjoyed when you were younger. Piperbrook adds a new layer to the horror/suspense genre. A strange virus has mysteriously infected almost everyone in the tri-state area turning them into mindless killing machines. It’s up to a band of survivors to fight back the horde and find the answer to how this plague started. Piperbrook weaves a plot full of conspiracy and action while also developing rich and likable characters. While it might not be a thought-provoking story of redemption, it is definitely a page turner.

Awaken: The Sorcha Series, Book 1
Source: Author Website
After the death of their father, twins Lucas and Lily realize that they have a special gift. Years later when they enroll in college, they learn their true identities as Sorchas—warriors of light that fight against evil—and they learn they are not alone. There are ten others, each with their own different spiritual gifts. Alford and Smith breathe life into their characters by introducing unique personality traits and quirks. By the time the action starts, you are already invested in their lives and choices. The character development makes the suspenseful plot and sudden twists more dramatic.

Source: Publisher Website
Nariko’s Map: Legends of the Kunoichi, Book 1
Alex Redwood
After samurais attack and kill her family, Nariko finds herself on a farm full of girls who arrived under similar circumstances. She soon learns the farm is a training ground for an all-female ninja army. As she improves her skills as a kunoichi, Nariko must dive into the war that destroyed her family and search for answers about her past. While Nariko might not be real, the all-female ninja army is based on history. Mochizuki Chiyome, a feudal Japanese noblewoman in the sixteenth century, created a group of all female ninja agents.  The women she recruited were prostitutes, victims of the civil war and young orphaned girls. Not only is this a great read, but it might also pique your teen's interest in Japanese history!
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